Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine Review

Product Name:Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine
Built-In Stitches:60
Presser Feet Included:9
Max Sewing Speed :850 SPM
Features:Automatic needle threader, built-in free arm, LCD screen, adjustable speed.
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The fact that there are several best affordable sewing machines for quilting is widely acknowledged, however, the difference is that some sewing machines are better than others in operation and results. Quilting is becoming increasingly popular and the trending habit is for people to buy a versatile machine for sewing and quilting that is right on the budget. There is no doubt that the best low cost sewing machine is the Brother CS6000i.

Top best cheapest sewing machine for quilting with special features

  • The sewing machine is white in color except for a transparent blue LCD display screen at the center. The LCD display screen enables you to make stitch selection and also adjust stitch length.
  • The machine is value packed and versatile, ideal for several quilting and sewing projects.
  • The product has a compartment on its arm where accessories can be stored.
  • It also has stop and start buttons and a speed control button which you can use to adjust your sewing speed to the desired pace.
  • It also has a presser feet for better variety of tasks.
  • Brother CS6000i comes with a 25 year warranty, an extension table and a bilingual user manual.
  • The machine is powered by a 120V AC Electricity current.

Brother CS6000i Feature-RichPerformance and quality

This sewing machine is one of the best cheap sewing machine for beginners that has the ability to produce sixty different type of stitches. This is coupled with the fact that the operator can adjust the sewing speed effortlessly. Threading is easy with this machine with its automatic needle threader. It is a which possess a light that illuminates the sewing area for better vision during sewing that.

This machine is the best sewing machine under 300 dollars which is usually referred to by its grateful users as a workhorse. The computerized operation of this incredible sewing machine means no rooms for mistakes. The included presser feet enables the user accomplish various tasks with the machine ranging from plain stitching to embroidery. The presser feet is very popular with users of this sewing machine especially the more experienced ones.

One incredible thing about this machine is that if you start a task incorrectly, the LCD screen will immediately display an error message, asking you to start the process all over again. Even when you change stitches, the display screen tells you the presser foot to use to complete the operation.

The ease of use

Another commendable aspect of the operation of the Brother CS6000i is the ease of use.

  • To start with, the user manual is easy to comprehend and understand. This makes it easy to assemble and use without the guidance of an expert.
  • The extension table that comes with the machine is particularly desirable by quilters.
  • The machine is jam resistant ensuring that sewing sessions are jam and hassle free.
  • The machine weighs just thirteen pounds which makes it very easy to carry around.
  • The machine’s durability attests to its quality and it is almost noiseless in operation.

More so, you can rely on the display screen to guide you from time to time during sewing sessions. This machine is truly one of a kind for the fact that it sells for less than $200 despite all its positive attributes. As a user, one thing you will realize is that the machine works exceptionally for quilting projects.

Is it best for quilting?

The machine is IDEAL for quilting. This is because you can choose from the sixty in built stitch choices. The LCD display screen which allows you to easily select stitch length and width also makes quilting an ideal activity to be done with this machine. The automatic threading system is desirable for quilting projects.

There are several features of this machine that makes it ideal for quilting.

One of them is the presser feet. In quilting, you definitely need to use your two hands on the job most of the time, the highly versatile presser feet ensures that your hands are free to focus on quilting.

Another feature of this machine that makes it ideal for quilting is the sewing table that comes with it. This provides the much needed expanded sewing surface needed to meet the demands of quilting.

There is no doubt that this is the best sewing machine for quilting under $500. The machine has a super easy bobbin winding system which is excellent for quilting.


  • The greatest advantage of this machine is its price. It is very hard to find an inexpensive sewing machines so versatile at a price so cheap. The cheap price of an inexpensive sewing machine for beginners is nothing but surprising.
  • Another advantage of the Brother CS6000i is the incredible amount of stitch selections, sixty in all.
  • Another glaring advantage of this machine is its ease of use. There are several things you can do on this machine just by pressing a button or two.
  •  The extension table is also an advantage. It makes it easier for you to take on quilting jobs and larger projects.
  • The weight of this machine is also another advantage that must be mentioned. At the weight of 13 pounds, it is easy to move around.


  • One of its few disadvantages is that the machine is made of plastic so if you are working with heavy fabric and you set it at a high sewing speed, you will experience a lot of noise and shaking from the machine.
  • The other disadvantage is that the machine cannot be used for thick fabrics like leather and canvass.

Are there alternative products for this machine?

It is hard to find the best inexpensive sewing machine for beginners for quilting however, there is a close performing alternative. The alternative is the singer 7258 sewing machine. The Singer 7258 sewing machine is similar to this sewing machine in a lot of respects. The only noticeable difference is that the Brother CS6000i is bigger than the Singer 7258 making it more suitable for larger projects.

Is this sewing machine for your needs?

The Brother CS6000i has a price that is one of the best prices on sewing machines, versatile Sewing Machine suitable for household sewing and quilting. The fact that the user manual is easy to understand and the machine is easy to use makes it suitable for both beginner and experienced quilters.

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